(Published on: 2019/5/10)

new era

Reiwa era started in Japan and many Japanese people celebrated its start. I have seen many things happening on TV, newspaper, etc. As you are reading this article now, I think you are more familiar with common era (2019, 2020), since this method is used everywhere. So Japan has two major methods to identify a year. However, Japan tax offices love Japanese imperial era (Heisei, Reiwa, etc.) and we have to use that method when we prepare documents (e.g. tax returns) that are submitted to the Japan tax office. And a withholding tax payment slip is one of them. What’s withholding tax? You can go to this page. Japanese companies would use this payment slip every month or every six months at least. As 2019 is divided into Heisei and Reiwa, it is a bit complicated to fill in the payment slip. And it seems the Japan National Tax Agency also knows some people are confused about this, and then they officially tell us how to do it. Thus it would be great if you know how to use it from Reiwa era. You can see below document with brief English translation.

Withholding tax payment slip for Reiwa era