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How do you find Japan tax information? Many tax professionals in Japan write blog posts on their websites in Japanese so you can find them if you use Japanese… Or you can go to Japan’s National Tax Agency as they have the English version of the website but we don’t know to what extent you got the Japan tax information that you need. To be fair, it is very difficult to obtain sufficient, understandable, and reliable information about Japan taxes, accounting, payroll, etc. In particular, Japan tax is complicated and highly different from taxes in other countries.

When you start a business in Japan, you have to know what your tax responsibilities and benefits are. You may ignore Japan tax if you are simply an employee at a company in Japan and the company does your tax through the Year-end adjustment (Tax adjustment needs to be made by companies in Japan, so you don’t have to file a tax return.). But this adjustment is not the same as the tax return and some deductions and tax credits cannot be covered by the adjustment. Then you need the tax return if you do something special (home loan tax credit, medical expenses, etc).

In addition, you need a tax return when you set up a corporation in Japan. This is because ALL corporations in Japan have to file the tax return regardless of whether your corporation has a profit (i.e. tax return is needed even when there were no transactions.). Also, even some foreign corporations (doing business in Japan) have to file a tax return in Japan.


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