Corporation income tax return preparation services

All corporations have to file a corporation income tax return regardless of whether they have a profit or not.

You can record financial transactions and produce financial statements based on your favorite accounting standards (e.g. USGAAP, IFRS, etc.). However, the corporation income tax rule (law) in Japan does not necessarily go well with these standards, so the tax return has to be prepared separately from them. Even Japanese Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (JGAAP) is not the same as the tax rule since the purpose of the tax rule is not to prepare good financial statements but to realise fair taxation. Thus you need to learn the Japan tax rule if you want to prepare the return. But unfortunately it is extremely difficult for non-Japanese speakers to learn it as the information for them (i.e., English info) is highly limited. Also, there is no official English form for the return. This is why we are here and help you file the return.


Pricing of corporation income tax return preparation services

Annual sales Cost per year*
JPY 3 million or less JPY 100,000
JPY 6 million or less JPY 130,000
JPY 10 million or less JPY 150,000
JPY 20 million or less JPY 180,000
JPY 30 million or less JPY 200,000
JPY 50 million or less JPY 230,000
JPY 100 million or less JPY 250,000
JPY 300 million or less JPY 300,000
JPY 500 million or less JPY 350,000
More than JPY 500 million contact us

(Japan consumption tax is not included)

*Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the work.