Business loans for startups (Japan Finance Corporation)


You are thinking about business loans for startups? Japan finance Corporation (JFC), owned by the Japanese government, is one of the most popular financial institutions for startup companies. Have you come up with a great idea? And you just require enough funding to back it up? Here is the way.


Overview of New Business loan by JFC

(Below information obtained from JFC on 23rd July 2018)

Basic requirements New businesses that provide new jobs or choose the industry you are currently working in, etc.
Loan purpose To start a new business or use funds right after you started your business
Maximum loan amount JPY 72 million (Operating funds: JPY 48 million)
Maximum loan period Facility funds: 20 years (deferment period: 2 years)

Operating funds: 7 years (deferment period: 2 years)

Interest rate 1.16~2.75 (depends on your situation)

Note: Operating funds refer to the funds needed to cover operating expenses such as salaries. Facility funds refer to the funds needed to cover the initial investment.