Covering various tax & accounting services (tax audit help, etc.) that you need

Year-end adjustment: JPY 10,000 per person

Tax audit help: JPY 50,000 per day

Tax document preparation: JPY 2,000 – 20,000 per document (depends on the complexity or difficulty)

Consulting service: Hourly fee range JPY 4,000 – JPY 30,000 (depends on the complexity or difficulty)

(Japan consumption tax is added to the fees above)

Application for refund due to taxation on retirement income at the taxpayer’s option: JPY 100,000 per person (No Japan consumption tax)
(Related to “Employees’ pension insurance. Notice of entitlement: Your lump-sum withdrawal payments”)
(In Japanese, 厚生年金保険の脱退一時金の「退職所得の選択課税による還付のための申告書」)

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