What you need to consider after incorporation


To help your business, below is a list of some of the business documents which are usually filed after incorporation.

(See also how to set up a company in Japan)

  • Notification of Corporation Establishment

You need to submit this notification to a national tax office to let it know you set up the corporation.

  • Application Form for Approval of Filing Blue Return

Blue return‘ certainly gives you several tax advantages (e.g. tax loss carryforward). There is no reason not to submit this application.

  • Notification of Establishment of a Salary-Paying Office

This notification needs to be submitted when you pay your employees (including paying yourself).

  • Application for Approval Made in Relation to the Special Provision for Due Dates for Withholding Income Tax

Corporations need to withhold income tax and pay it every month when their payments are subject to withholding tax. But the special provision for due date is given them when the number of employees is nine or less. They are allowed to pay withholding income tax twice a year (July 10th and January 20th).

  • Application for Special Provision for Extension of the Due Date for Filing a Final Return Form

Corporations need to file a corporation income tax return within two months after the end of each tax year (fiscal year). However, some corporations cannot file it by the due date because (Companies Act says) an ordinary general meeting is held within three months after the end of each fiscal year and financial statements are approved by the meeting. Therefore, the special provision for the filing extension is given them so that they can file it after the ordinary general meeting.

  • Documents in relation to consumption tax

You can expect consumption tax refund under certain conditions. For the refund, some documents need to be submitted when you set up your corporation.


These documents have to be submitted to Japan tax offices (National tax office and local tax office) by a certain date (The due date depends on the type of document).